Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miss Amarah

This little lady is Amarah and she was such a trooper getting her photo taken, even though there was a strong breeze off and on.

This session was also my first attempt at setting up and using a mini-scene.
I loved planning it and I LOVED photographing it!

The dress she is in (white with dainty flowers) was actually her mother's dress when she was the same age as Amarah is in these photos!
She was excited to use it because she had photos taken of her when she was in it!

She is a beautiful baby and I was so glad to get to photograph her!



***All photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Waiting for Hudson

This is my beautiful cousin and her husband, who are anxiously awaiting their first child - Hudson.
We began their session in their bedroom, then popped over to a local park.  It had been snowing like crazy all day (so fun to have snow photos!) and then the sun came out while we were out! 
We got so lucky!

Every woman has insecurities, and pregnant women are no different.
But I say that all women are beautiful and that being pregnant is always ALWAYS a beautiful thing.

Maternity photos might be my favorite type of session. 

Because the people in these photos are always happy and 
to capture happiness and true joy in a photo just lights up my heart and soul.

Please enjoy!


***All photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cool Cat

Meet Orville, the cat.  Not just any cat, though.  As he sits, in this chair which seems to be made for him and his electric lime colored eyes, he is so dapper and distinguished.

It was like he knew I was taking his photograph, and liked it.

It should be noted that I did not once touch, pose or encourage a single movement.
He POSED.  Posed like an experienced model who has just returned from a cover shoot in Italy... 

Ciao, Bellisimo!

***All photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Miss Reagan

What a lovely little family for Reagan to be born into! She is surrounded with lots of love and laughter, it was a lot of fun to capture her smiles and giggles! (which came often and without much effort)

At just six weeks old she is full of personality! Enjoy her photos!

***All Photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Boudoir!

Boudoir in a few words: Beautiful, sexy, and lots of fun!
I shoot these sessions tastefully and in the most flattering ways to give you photos that you feel proud and excited to give to that special someone.

A woman's body is an incredible thing and should be celebrated!

This is a lovely friend of mine that I was so glad to photograph!

I sent her on a covert mission to 'borrow without asking' her man's shirt and button down, and it was an incredible idea, I must say!


 Stolen merchandise, from her man's closet - all while he was showering!

 Simply sexy and steamy!

 Can't go wrong with a teddy and some hot pink heels!

 Talk about bedroom eyes!!! So photogenic! Beautiful!

***All Photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography and may not be used in any other context, edited, reproduced or copied***