Thursday, October 20, 2011

8 Days New, Konan...

Welcome to the world, Konan!

This little guy is cute as can be and such a sweetie! But there wasn't much sleeping going on during this session.  Even so, there are some great photos that turned out!
This handsome little guy is a little brother and a cutie for sure! 


***All Photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Little Mr. Owen...

 First I must say, "What a handsome little guy!".
I know that is somewhat cliche, but it is so true! He has these baby blues to die for and a silly little smile that just melts your heart! 
I haven't even mentioned his beautiful Mumma yet! Her and her little guy are photo perfect and a joy to around.  I was so glad to be able to photograph them and his 1st birthday party!
Grandad is a huge part of their life and really hung in there for the photos and they really turned out great!

Thank you so much Cori for supporting me and my art!

I love that you can almost feel the joy when you look at this photo!

 A boy and his grandpa (Papa)

 Can you say Christmas Card!?

 This little guy just loves his Mommy!

 3 generations!

Just love this one!

***All photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Class of 2012, Tayler K...

Well, to say the least, there were a lot of laughs during Miss Tayler K's senior session!
Her entourage included her Mom, big sister and friend; And we had a great time!
Lots of support is good when they know when you need to laugh and when you need to be a little more serious.  It was a great mix of both types of photos that resulted from her shoot.

She was also great about the adventure that was inevitable with one of my senior sessions!
She climbed on things, changed outfits like she was at a runway show and took direction with ease.

A beautiful girl with a beautiful posse, perfect!

***All photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Class of 2012, Tayler C...

Miss Tayler C. had a great session! We wandered around my favorite town and found some great photo opportunities.  I see opportunities everywhere and always tell my clients that a session with me also includes an adventure! 
Being a beautiful girl and a tom-boy, she really was a trooper!

It is always important to me to get real smiles in senior photos, as a 'perma-smile' is not a good representation of personality.  One way to avoid the cheek straining fake smiles is to get the idea of a brother being pushed into the river in a girl's mind, this was a hit with Tayler!

Thanks again to Tayler and her Mom for their support!

***All photographs are copyright of Samantha Raye Photography***