Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome to the world, Henry!

Oh Henry, you sweet little boy!  Your Mom and Dad are so happy to have you!

Although it has been a tough road for these parents, they could not be happier to be holding their sweet boy in their arms!  This day was a sigh of relief and filled with joyful family and friends all welcoming Henry to this world! 

Henry is a little brother to a boy we never got to really meet, Hudson.  His big brother shone his light the day Henry was born - which was an amazing thing on an October day that started out wet and dreary.  I have taken so much from witnessing the loss of this family, and find it so fulfilling to be one of the many that have had their heart all full by getting to know Henry.

This little man is a handsome dude, and sure to be a riot just like his daddy, and a tough cookie just like his mommy!

Not only did I get to be there to take photos of him on his birthday, I got to come back and swoon over him when he was about a week old!

Tiny toes, tiny fingers, that wisp of hair and those dapper good looks! 

You are so loved, Mr. Henry! 

Enjoy him and all this good-enough-to-gobble-up cuteness!


Please have a look at the facebook page for Hudson's Rays Of Sunshine honoring Hudson's life, and supporting the struggles of grieving parents of still born babies.
The upcoming annual benefit is this March 29th!

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Carlos & Michelle

I have known this beautiful woman my whole life, and her engagement shoot with her fiance, Carlos, went exactly as I imagined.
High fashion and plenty of sarcastic humor from all parties involved!

Though the wind nearly blew us across the river a few times, we managed to have a good time exploring the park.

The love was easy to see (make out sessions usually give it away, haha!) and I found directing these two through the session to be effortless.

She adores him, he worships her. Just as it should be when you are engaged to be married! 

Enjoy the romance, the sweetness and the sauciness of these two lovebirds! 

I am honored and excited to be photographing their wedding day in May!


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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monica & Kyle

These two... I mean, they are a riot!
This was supposed to be a mini session, but because I kept tearing up due to side splitting laughter, it took us a while!  By no means am I complaining! I had so much fun and was so glad to capture some of their love in photographs! 

We ventured around a local park and found plenty of things to joke about and I had no problem getting them to smile, that's for sure! 

I always feel like I am on an adventure when I am in a session, because I never really know what is going to be next.  I do not like to plan too heavily for shoots as I prefer natural reactions and movements.  Sure, a styled shoot with props is fun, but nothing is needed to photograph a couple or a family.  I look for the love and it is always easy to find!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 


Here you go, you crazy kids! (Who are the same age as me!)

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