Monday, January 30, 2012

Beautiful Boudoir!

Boudoir in a few words: Beautiful, sexy, and lots of fun!
I shoot these sessions tastefully and in the most flattering ways to give you photos that you feel proud and excited to give to that special someone.

A woman's body is an incredible thing and should be celebrated!

This is a lovely friend of mine that I was so glad to photograph!

I sent her on a covert mission to 'borrow without asking' her man's shirt and button down, and it was an incredible idea, I must say!


 Stolen merchandise, from her man's closet - all while he was showering!

 Simply sexy and steamy!

 Can't go wrong with a teddy and some hot pink heels!

 Talk about bedroom eyes!!! So photogenic! Beautiful!

***All Photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography and may not be used in any other context, edited, reproduced or copied***