Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cool Cat

Meet Orville, the cat.  Not just any cat, though.  As he sits, in this chair which seems to be made for him and his electric lime colored eyes, he is so dapper and distinguished.

It was like he knew I was taking his photograph, and liked it.

It should be noted that I did not once touch, pose or encourage a single movement.
He POSED.  Posed like an experienced model who has just returned from a cover shoot in Italy... 

Ciao, Bellisimo!

***All photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***

Miss Reagan

What a lovely little family for Reagan to be born into! She is surrounded with lots of love and laughter, it was a lot of fun to capture her smiles and giggles! (which came often and without much effort)

At just six weeks old she is full of personality! Enjoy her photos!

***All Photographs are copyright Samantha Raye Photography***