Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monica & Kyle

These two... I mean, they are a riot!
This was supposed to be a mini session, but because I kept tearing up due to side splitting laughter, it took us a while!  By no means am I complaining! I had so much fun and was so glad to capture some of their love in photographs! 

We ventured around a local park and found plenty of things to joke about and I had no problem getting them to smile, that's for sure! 

I always feel like I am on an adventure when I am in a session, because I never really know what is going to be next.  I do not like to plan too heavily for shoots as I prefer natural reactions and movements.  Sure, a styled shoot with props is fun, but nothing is needed to photograph a couple or a family.  I look for the love and it is always easy to find!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 


Here you go, you crazy kids! (Who are the same age as me!)

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